What is IACU Promo?

IACU Promo is a powerful Instagram growth service that grows your Instagram account, 24/7 - 365! Target the right audience, get brand endorsements, local business, and more with the most affordable Instagram growth management system! Our services help steer you in the right direction towards strong content strategy and business results with real results and real followers.

How does it work?

This is how you get real followers! Have you ever noticed that when liking or following someone else, they usually come back to do the same. We bet that you’ve even checked out a stranger’s Instagram because they followed you. Using this natural human curiosity is how many accounts get likes and followers, but who would ever spend their whole day liking and following other people? This is where IACU Promo comes in.

We Know How To Game The Instagram Algorithm Features:

Follow & Unfollow

We know who to follow and when to follow them, in order for your profile to get recommended to more people. This will also help your page get featured on Instagram's explore page more often.


By liking photos on your behalf, we can get the attention of hundreds of people quickly. By using targeted and strategic liking techniques we bring you new fans, views, likes and DMs from people interested in what you have to say.


By strategically placing comments on highly visited pages, we get even more people to go and check out your profile. You can either tell us what audience to target or we can find it for you!

DMs and more!

We also offer the option to send a greeting message to all your new followers. You can customize and utilize this feature to automatically share your music/product/message! This is a great way of building relationships with your fans. We offer several other private features once you become a IACU Promo Member! We are always updating our strategies and techniques!

Let us manage your Instagram account. IACU Promo will get you real Instagram likes and followers that are genuinely in love with your profile. Get Started

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Step 2

Once your payment is processed, you will receive an email, call, or Instagram DM (whichever you prefer) from one of our agents within 24 hours. Here we will set up your account according to your goals.


Step 3

Once your account is setup, the campaign will begin. Enjoy your increased engagement and exposure! (Expect a burst in likes, follows, and comments when you begin.)

We have one simple plan: Price Plans

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People First, Security Always


F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions

How exactly does your service work?

  • We offer Instagram engagement services. (We will utilize your account to like, comment, and follow other similar users, or users you want to target, non-stop — around the clock.) (Unless you’d like to set time restrictions — We are flexible!) This will cause your account to grow at a steady rate, most users see 200 to 2000 new followers per week depending on their content/plan/set-up!
  • To take it one step further, We also offer 1-on-1 consulting for those who might need some tips or advice on what type of photos and videos to post. You can even get paired with one of our marketing experts and learn how to take your online business to the next level.

Can I still use my account with your service?

  • Yes you can. You may continue to use your account as you normally would while our service runs in the background.

Do I get REAL likes and follows?

  • Yes. Our services help fine-tune your strategy for promotion (liking, following, and commenting those who are relevant to you), business (what and how to sell), and content (what and when to post) in a way that’s custom tailored to suit your goals and objectives. This ensures that the followers you receive are not only real people, but these real people are actually interested in the kind of stuff you post!

Is Your Service Safe?

  • Yes. Thousands of repeat customers serve as a testament to the safety and security of the services we offer. All information we receive is completely private and 100% secure. All accounts we have manage and will manage are still up and running strong with no issues.

Why should I pay for something I can do myself?

  • Unfortunately, you can't do it yourself. You need constant engagement 24/7 on your account to steadily grow; this means you need someone doing this for you while you sleep/work/gym/school etc! Additionally, we utilize a network of Instagram accounts to push your profile on more user's recommended and explore pages. Read below on the Lil Pump Instagram case study.

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Lil Pump Case Study

Lil Pump Instagram Case Study

The video above explains part of Lil Pump's massive marketing campaign, which made him the fastest growing hip-hop artist in the music industry. Basically, by using the SAME services we provide, he had people like us MANAGE his personal Instagram account and CREATE fan pages for him (we offer this service as well). Then utilizing this army of accounts his social media agency: liked, followed, commented, etc. in order to promote his official account (@lilpump). Then shortly after he gained a significant following; his social media agency utilized this influence to purchase/trade very natural looking shout outs from the likes of Malu Trevejo, Bhad Bhabbie, and many others. The only downside about this agency is that they are very picky and often times have you sign a revenue split deal. That means every time you make dollar, the social media agency gets a cut.

The Difference Between Us and Them

Here at IACU Promo we don't believe in unfair contracts. We would rather have you pay the actual costs of running such a service upfront, so that you can keep all the profits you earn as result of all our joint efforts. We want you to succeed! By working with us, you free yourself from any contractual agreements. By operating in this manner, we allow more people exclusive access to this competitive advantage. If however down the road, after trying our services, you want to take your promotion to a more advanced and dynamic level, we offer private campaigns to a select few. Please reach out to us directly if this is something you are interested in.

We primarily work with musicians (rap), however we have several other clients from different niches as well! Target ANY Audience!

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